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Are you hoping to invest some crypto today — or are you interested in buying some Bitcoin for the first time? It's a match made in heaven: the world's biggest cryptocurrency and the world's largest fiat currency.
BTC/USD is a major mining pair — and right here, you'll find up-to-the-minute information on the latest conversion rates.

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Frequently questions

  • What is cloud mining

    Cloud mining is rent of mining equipment hash power. In this case, you do not need to buy expensive mining equipment and do not bear any risks associated with its breakdown. You do not incur additional costs for the hosting and maintenance of equipment, as well as for any malfunction. When you buy a cloud mining contract, you pay a fixed amount for the use of devices located in the MgM data center. The main advantage of cloud mining is the quick receipt of BTC to your wallet. You do not need to wait for a pre-order of the mining equipment for more than 6 months and pay for it amounts over $ 10,000.

  • How does cryptocurrency mining work?

    Globally, cloud mining of cryptocurrencies is no different from usual. It also uses computer technology (ASIC farms), which calculates new blocks of the crypto network, for which a reward is awarded. The key difference is that each user is not using their own hardware. Instead, he leases the power of a large company whose equipment mines the crypt, and the tenant receives a commission for this. That is, the miner is only required to buy power according to the tariff. The company providing cryptocurrency mining services is responsible for everything itself: purchases equipment, configures all equipment, maintains equipment, pays for electricity. The only thing that remains to be done for an ordinary user is choosing the optimal tariff plan for him.

  • Is mining really important?

    Mining is the backbone of digital currency. It guarantees four main functions: confirmation of operations, protects the blockchain from incorrect data (false transactions, etc.), protects the network from attacks, supports a decentralized network system, an operation carried out by two network users must always be confirmed by participation in a data block. The miner accepts the operation and adds it to the block. Then the coins taken into account in the operation are used in the future. Fraudsters trying to forge blocks are sorted out at the initial stage of block-creation.

  • How can i get the plan idea?

    to start mining with literally two clicks. You just need to select a contract and purchase it. So get stable passive income without unnecessary risk and difficulties of independent mining!

  • How can i contact with you?

    You can send us and email of join one of our social media channel

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Who we are?

Inspired by the desire to make cryptocurrency mining more profitable for everyone, Mighty God Mining takes the best of investment and cryptocurrency markets and offers a platform for Mining via cryptocurrency futures contracts.

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Start BTC cloud mining in just a few minutes. You start with our basic plan, mining without limitations.

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HFT is a kind of algorithmic mining strategy used by quant traders. This involves developing algorithms and mining bots that help quickly enter and exit a crypto assets, our facillities are standard and offer you the best.

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The technology that powers our platform was developed with industry-leading security and encryption at its core. Our security team is constantly working to make sure you and your assets are protected from emerging threats.

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